Who are Built Form Capital?

About us

Built Form Capital is a multi disciplinary organisation that has combined four traditionally related disciplines. These being;

– A Construction Company
– A Development Company
– A Realtor / Property Consultant
– An Investment Firm

We aren’t any of these individually, but we are all of them combined. Significant synergies exist between these areas of expertise, and at Built Form Capital we have brought them home to deliver efficient, integrated, indepth and successful built form & property outcomes.

We practice what we preach, we build our own structures, we develop our own property, we manage our own portfolio and we invest in our projects.

What Our Client's Say


Brookfield Properties

Congratulations to the Builtform Capital team for completion of the project and keeping us in the loop. The architectural facade finish looks great!

Civcon WA

The team at Built Form Capital are knowledgeable about all aspects of project management from initial consultation to design concept and completion. They deliver high-level and realistic strategic advice and forward-thinking solutions. From beginning to end, they went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with each stage of the project. They provide a professional and efficient service, are always approachable, and a pleasure to work with.


Anthony has been an integral person for the Roy Hill project from the very first initial stages. He has made himself and his team available to all issues that required urgent attention. Working with Anthony directly has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend Prostruct Contracting Pty Ltd for.

Zegna Building

Organized, efficient, accurate and very ethical are words that characterise every experience I have had with Anthony.

I have worked with Built Form Capital and Anthony on a number of projects as a developer and client of mine and consistently see him deliver above expectation.

His processes are precise and transparent which allows him to achieve successful outcomes to the finest detail from construction to sales, investment to acquisition, feasibility to reality

I have always found Anthony to be very professional and supportive and look forward a continued relationship in the future